If you look for alternatives to "burn cut and poison" and don't know yet what to do, this FREE workshop is for you"

Learn from the producer of the award winning documentary "CANCER is curable NOW" how YOU can heal cancer.

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You receive as a special gift access to this exclusive workshop with Marcus Freudenmann, author of “Healing Cancer with Common Sense” and producer of “CANCER is curable NOW”

Marcus is an internationally successful health educator who became famous with his COMMON SENSE approach of removing the cause, as cancer treatment.

“These workshops with Marcus are so clear and logical that even skeptics of alternative treatments want to join the fan club. ”
Richard McConnell

Marcus vehemently confronts all fanatic viewpoints to one size fits all diets, treatment protocols and detoxification methods. He  teaches cutting edge personalized treatment which is governed by the patient him or herself.

The whole 1 day workshop is broken into 5 parts and covers the following subjects.

  • Identify and remove all causes of cancer!
  • Learn how to correctly detoxify and bring the body back into balance.
  • How to best personalize your treatments and supplementation program.
  • Learn how to heal the mind from all the different stressors and emotional traumas.
  • Learn about all the non toxic medical and natural treatment options you have.

This workshop will give you peace of mind and a clear direction on how YOU can heal cancer in the best possible way.

“This workshop will save you years of trial and error and in the best case it will save your life. Don’t miss this chance!”
Sandra Demoyens MD.